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To inspect your hood system, begin with the motor compartment. If your kitchen is hot or has visible smoke, then this compartment has probably malfunctioned. Next, inspect the motor’s belt, ensuring the straps are not cracked, loose, or slipping.

Visible smoke is often caused by a broken belt, which prevents your exhaust fan from functioning correctly. If this is the case, contact Jasvid Hood Cleaning for prompt, reliable solutions and services.

There are several reasons behind your hood leaking grease. Your fan could be turning too quickly, or a temperature rise could be causing the built-up grease to break off.

Sometimes, the leaking grease could be from the vibrations of an overworked motor, causing the grease to dislodge and fall.

Though there are many causes of a loud fan, natural wear and tear is one of the most common causes. The more the grease builds up, the more overworked and stressed the motor becomes. When the engine operates at maximum capacity, it creates more noise than the sound-reducing elements can effectively handle.

Clean the area around your exhaust system and remove any food items from the area. This will help us prevent contamination while we maintain your exhaust fan.

Since each ventilation system is different, the time the service takes will vary. However, routine kitchen exhaust maintenance usually takes about three hours on average.

At Jasvid Hood Cleaning, we stand behind the quality of our workmanship. Backed by a team of experienced and well-trained professionals, we assure all our customers that our maintenance and kitchen exhaust cleaning services will meet your expectations.

Jasvid Hood Cleaning is fully insured, licensed, and bonded to conduct kitchen exhaust maintenance services. While safety is a priority, we understand that accidents can happen. However, you can rest assured that, if they do, you will not be liable for the injuries or damages.

The frequency of grease trap cleanings depends mainly on the kitchen’s fats, oils, and grease capacity or FOGs. For the most part, you should clean them every one to three months.

When your drainage begins to slow down or continuously backs up, this can signify that your grease trap is full or needs cleaning. You can also tell by performing a visual inspection.

The recommended grease trap size depends on the rate of incoming flow from your plumbing system. For instance, if your plumbing system is rated at 30 gallons per minute (GPM), then you should buy a grease trap with twice the capacity, or 60 GPM.

The components of grease traps and interceptors generally work the same way. The only difference between them stems from their capacity. However, a grease interceptor is better suited for kitchens with a flow rate of over 50 GPM, while grease traps handle-less GPM.

Depending on the amount of traffic or buildup your site sees, you can schedule pressure washing services as needed. Some buildings may need a touchup every couple of months, while others only once per year.

You can use pressure washing to clean many different hard surfaces surrounding your business or home. These surfaces include parking lots, sidewalks, dumpster pads, drive-thrus, siding, fences, entrances, and more.

Pressure washing and power washing are two terms often used interchangeably. They both involve using pressurized water to blast away stuck-on dirt and grime. However, the key difference between them is that power washing uses heated water and pressure washing does not.

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